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Real name: Jack Napier.

Aliases: Joker, the Jest Of Jackanapes, and Mr. J.

Voiced by: Kevin Michael Richardson.

Appearances: The Bat In The Belfry, Topsy Turvey, The Rubberface Of Comedy, J.T.V., Meltdown, Strange Minds, The Laughing Bat, Night & The City, Batman Vs. Dracula, Brawn, The Laughing Cats, The Apprentice, Clayfaces, Two Of A Kind, Rumors, Lost Heroes, Part II (cameo)

A very different interpretation of the Joker appeared in the animated series The Batman. In this series, he is only referred to as simply "Joker" and never as "the Joker." He had wild green hair, red eyes, dark red lips and a milky blue tongue. He was created once he fell into a vat of chemicals, which bleached his skin, dyed his hair and drove him to insanity. In his first few appearances his costume consists of a purple sleeved straitjacket, blue pants, fingerless gloves and bare feet. Later in the series, he regressed back the more traditional garb of a purple suit and spats, but still had wild hair and wore no shoes, save one episode (which had mechanical stilts concealed in them) in which ironically he reverts to his earlier costume. Joker also moves and fights with a monkey-like style, using his feet as dexterously as his hands, and often hangs from the walls and ceilings.

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